Hey everyone! It’s been quite some time since I posted anything. I think I’m ready to get back to writing some. So for the month of November or should I say Movember… I decided to do two challenges; raise a $1000 for men’s health awareness and do a 120 miles for the entire month. Well the fund raising has been challenge but I’m glad I put it out there. The bigger thing is the actual 120 mile challenge.

For the month of November, as part of the Movember Movement… I decided to participate in the walk challenge. For the month, I challenged myself to 120 miles total for the month. That broke down to 4 miles each day of the month. Initially, I thought this challenge would be a mountain to climb. But to much surprise, it was fun and fairly easy. So… how would I be able to reach this goal? I would literally have to make the time to walk. Okay sounds easy enough? Yeah right lol. I work in the office environment and deal with numbers, so it’s pretty easy to get lost in the numbers and forget to get up and walk around. So now I had to start thinking what do I do to ensure I get in 4 miles per day? Well the first thing I did was download an app that monitor my progress. Now I don’t have a Fitbit like many do, so I actually downloaded an app called Argus. It’s actually pretty cool. I may do a blog on it later on. But it follows the progress of miles and steps. So I got the thinking… maybe I should shoot for 10,000 steps a day. That’s over 4 miles… Why not?

Again, I didn’t know what to expect so I wondered if I would stick with this challenge? I was very surprised that not only did I stick with it, I surpassed it! That in itself humbled me. But what really humbled me was the reason. Each step was to show support for men’s health (cancer, mental illness); but the major reason was suicide prevention. This was personal for me. See I was facing suicide 12 years ago. Trying to figure out life then was not something that was on my mind; I was in my 20s… just wasn’t a thought. I figure I got all my life to deal with serious stuff; I’m having fun and doing what I want. Then 2005 hit and life completely changed. I immediately shut down from family, friends, myself, God… it was a dark time. So dark that I wanted to end my life. Thankfully, God had another plan…

Fast forward to now…I realize as I continue to make the steps, I was doing this for me. Not just because of the suicide attempt over a decade ago, but also because here’s something that I set out to do… Because God laid it in my spirit. I guess one thing I have learned through this challenge is that I can be truly committed to myself; meaning, I’m being intentional about investing in myself. Physically, because it’s great exercise. My legs and thighs are thanking me lol; I’m pretty sure of that… I even want to getimg_1150 back into running. Baby steps though lol. But my blood pressure has stabilized more. Mentally, it’s really relaxing. I mean, it’s amazing what a 30 minute walk can do. Again I love my numbers, so when the numbers start running together… yeah a good walk really helps. On top of work, my mind is everywhere at times, so walking helps my mind to relax. Which leads to spiritually… Spiritually, it’s peaceful… Definitely can take it all in and be grateful to God. I recall the second day of the challenge. I decided to walk around the National Mall in DC. From my job, I walked to just all the monuments. Man, talk about surreal? Just to simply take in all the trees, the reflecting pool, the monuments and if those weren’t enough… the clear skies with the moon just shining right beside the Washington Monument. In taking it all in, all I could think was God, thank You and forgive me for taking your creations for granted… people, places, and things.

So what was the verdict on the challenge? Did I meet it? And by how much? 368,700 steps or 156.82 miles!! How about that!! I was amazed some days I did up to 20,000 steps… the last day of November, I decided to do 25,000 + steps… I’m really glad that I stuck with the challenge. There were days when I didn’t want to get in my steps, but I still managed to do so and to know that I pushed myself feels good. The cool thing is that, I’m not stopping with November… I’m incorporating my steps in daily … It has motivated me to get back in the gym some and I’m grateful for that. It’s helping with the overall health (mental, physical, and spiritual). All and all… I’m a better person because of this.

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