The Standard of Rose Marie…

Today is an amazing day in history… Indeed it is. Now I know many are on their hustle and bustle… But today is my mother’s birthday!!!

Today, join me and my sisters as we celebrate Mom’s Birthday.  Rose Marie, girl you done cross into a new year!!!  Out of fear tha14370404_1226823864005680_1166484384654453922_nt I will be cut and taken out of the will, I won’t tell Rose Marie’s age lol.  But I will say, she looks younger than her age… hence why I am 35 and can pass for younger lol.

You know, the biggest thing that sticks out to me about my mom is her willingness to be a nurturer and to give people words of affirmation that continues to help along the way.  In my opinion, my mom has always been one that encourages.  Someone that will immediately lift you up when you are feeling the blues.

Mom and I talk a lot and she has shared a lot with me; life lessons, her past, her future and so forth.  And that’s on top of the sacrifices she has made for Erika, Monique, and I.  But I think about the conversations and I’m like wow…

1381885_646617615359644_115724964_nWhen I think of mom I am reminded of the smile on her face.  And there’s nothing fake about it.  She understands the importance in a smile.

Point #1.  Smile, because you really have a reason.  Folks, yes; the world presents challenges and experiences, but each day you are blessed to open your eyes is reason alone to smile.  Take a step back and realize, you can smile, because God loves you.  After all, He allowed His Son to die so that you and I can live.

Also, Mom is serious about the Kingdom of God…

Point #2.  If, in fact, we are children of God, understand that we are charge to live a life of Holiness unto the Lord.  Folks, let’s challenge ourselves to live holy.  Let’s live a life that will be a standard for others to see. It’s not the most popular thing to do, but the blessings 1381719_645625432125529_1779268673_none receives, the lessons one learns, the example one can be… is all worth it…

Leviticus 20:7 (The Message)

7-8 “Set yourselves apart for a holy life.  Live a holy life, because I am God, your God.  Do what I tell you; live the way I tell you.  I am the God who makes you holy.

And so…


I just want to say thank you for all you do.  For the lessons you teach me, the discipline you give, the respect you demand, the example you set as a mother.  Thank you for being a praying Mother.  When I was going through and even though you didn’t know exactly, you 14606455_1246482892039777_469489225996726294_nsteadily prayed and I thank God for you.  God has blessed you as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a friend and most importantly, God’s Daughter.  Mom, Happy Birthday to You… and May God continue to bless you all the more.



P.S.  For Mom and everyone else…  Enjoy the best of Jesus…


Romans 16:20 (The Message Bible)

19-20And so while there has never been any question about your honesty in these matters—I couldn’t be more proud of you!—I want you also to be smart, making sure every “good” thing is the real thing.  Don’t be gullible in regard to smooth-talking evil.  Stay alert like this, and before you know it the God of peace will come down on satan with both feet, stomping him into the dirt.  Enjoy the best of Jesus!

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