Achieve With Child-Like Passion

I can recall at the ages of 5, 6, 7, and so forth… watching cartoons; something that I still do at 34… Of course lol.  But I can recall as a lil’ dude having dreams of being a doctor, firefighter, and a whole host of things.  Who’d thought I would grow up and be a statistician and an accountant lol…? But one thing that sticks with me, the passion of dreams and goals… To know that I am working towards something is very exciting. Today, I wonder; what happened to most of us once we became adults?11987195_1008648372489898_4704843183473159616_n  The child-like imagination simply faded away… our very innocence just went away.  We as adults have given up, yet God hasn’t forgotten… and He knows all of our dreams and goals and I’m sure most of them in some way, are part of His Plan for you…


As children, many of us sang a familiar set of words:

“This little light of mine…

I’m gonna let it shine.”

Still to this day, it is a favorite of kids (and kids-at-heart).  Children tend to sing it very loud and could care less if they are off key, while adults sing it with “dignity” (Yeah right). Now, why is that? Could it be that children sing it loud and off key, because they don’t believe in limits? A child’s mind is rich with imagination and thirsts for knowledge; hence they don’t feel that there’s a boundary when it comes to dreams and goals.  Yet as adults, we set limits. We question and second guess ourselves, because we think we’re too old or we don’t have the energy or simply said, “I can’t.”  By whose authority says you can’t achieve? 

Stop saying what you can’t do… be like Nike:  JUST DO IT. Stop giving the enemy the glory; rather, Praise God. For a moment, think back to the ages of your childhood.  All the things you wanted to be.  Don’t focus so much ochildren-readingn the what you wanted to be.  Rather, think of the passion, the excitement, the drive you had.  And the best part is; that passion, excitement, and drive is still there.  And with God leading, you can still live your dreams; your goals; the God-ordained purpose.

Stop holding the dream and live it.  Don’t give up; for God will always hold you up with His Hands… Look you gotta a whole host of angels from Heaven; cheering you on!!! What you waiting for?!?! Walk into your destiny!!!

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